Anti-plagiarism policy

The editors of the scientific journal «Foreign trade: economics, finance, law» inform the authors that they bear full personal responsibility for incorrect borrowing or use of other persons' research results and non-compliance with the ethics of scientific citation.

Authors must provide:

  • originality of submitted articles, i.e. to provide materials that have not been published in other publications in any language;
  • absence of plagiarism;
  • references to relevant sources, if works or texts of third parties are used.

The scientific journal «Foreign trade: economik, finance, law» uses the software «Unicheck» to detect cases of plagiarism.

In order to prevent plagiarism, the editors:

  • checks articles for the presence of borrowings from the works of third parties without appropriate references to the source;
  • after reviewing the article, provides a conclusion on the absence or presence of plagiarism.

Plagiarism in all forms is unacceptable and is considered a manifestation of unethical actions. Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are checked for originality according to the following indicators: if the originality of the text is more than 85%, the material is accepted for review; from 75 to 85% originality of the text – the author needs to check the correctness of the citations and links to the sources used; less than 75% originality of the text – the material is not accepted for consideration.