Research of structural and mechanical properties of viscoelastic objects by axial deformation method



structural and mechanical properties, viscoelastic objects, axial deformation, coefficient of elasticity, strength ratio, strain chart


Background. Rheology as a science studies primarily properties of raw materials during deformation of the objects. Classical methods are considered strain deformation and compression. These include the method of axial deformation. It is simple to do, research is characterized with great accuracy, but it requires a lot of time for processing. That is why urgent is the development of computerized methods for the study of structural and mechanical properties of viscoelastic objects. This is possible by modernizing and adapting instrumental methods to the multifunction module measuring complex MIG-1.3.
The aim of study is to check the efficiency of computerized method of structural and mechanical properties of viscoelastic bodies research with the help of axial deformation of extension; to analyze experimental diagrams of deformation force time-dependence obtained with MIG-1.3 multifunctional measuring device.
Material and methods. The objects of research were samples of meat – turkey fillet. The samples had three directions of cut – long, cross and diagonal cuts. As control we took samples studied by the method of axial deformation, described in the work of H. Maslov [2]. The experimental method applied is a computerized method of axial deformation adjusted to multifunctional measuring device MIG-1.3 [3].
Results. Having conducted numerous research tests in physics laboratory of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics with the help of MIG-1.3 device our scientists have proved its efficiency. Necessary modules with sensing elements for studying deformation properties of food by axial deformation method have been developed. Use of MIG-1.3 enables to carry out a study with great accuracy, register independent parameters in a real-time environment and process results in a short time with further recommendations concerning storage conditions or processing of the raw materials under research.
Conclusion. Thus, we have adjusted the axial deformation method to carrying out with the help of multifunctional measuring device MIG-1.3 used for studying structural and mechanical and rheological properties of raw materials.
Using the device enhanced the accuracy and allowed to identify the processes and phenomena that occur during deformation at the micro level, to register many independent parameters in real-time environment and to process in quite a short time the results for recommendations regarding the storage conditions and processing of materials. The results obtained by the classical method comply with the results obtained by the updated method.

Author Biography

Svitlana SHAPOVAL, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


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