Mobile tools for product promotion




marketing mix, marketing complex, mobile marketing, mobile marketing technologies, mobile promotion tools.


Mobile tools for product promotion play an important role in the marketing strategies of enterprises. The personality and constant presence of mobile devices ensures quick communication with target consumers. Therefore, it is important to study the possi­bilities of using mobile marketing tools to implement the strategic tasks of the marketing mix. The aim of the article is to reveal the role of mobile tools in the promotion of goods and to substantiate the areas of coordination of the marketing mix with the digital capabilities of the enterprise. The research was conducted using methods of analysis and synthesis, empirical, hypothesis testing, system-structural analysis, comparison, and graphic represen­tation. Mobile marketing tools were analyzed, the advantages of using mobile promotion tools for expanding the target audience were revealed. The evolution of the marketing mix has been studied and the connection with alternative components has been established. It has been proven that the adaptation of marketing communications to the approp­riate mobile tools for product promotion ensures the reduction of contact time with consumers and the acceleration of their purchase decisions.

Author Biographies

Viktoriia KARMAZINOVA, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing

Oleksandr KARKUSHKA, State University of Trade and Economics

Assistant at the Department of Marketing


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