The labour market in the restaurant sector: 2022




HoReCa, restaurant labor market, restaurant worker, employee portrait, volunteer, employment, unemployment, emigration


Introduction. The emigration of more than 5.5 million citizens of working age and the inter­nal displacement of more than 7.7 million Ukrai­nians after the start of the full-scale war with Russia caused changes in the HoReCa labor market.

Problem. The portrait of an employee in the HoReCa sector in Ukraine and abroad has chan­ged significantly. Therefore, the study of the state of the labor market in the field of restaurant industry in wartime conditions is relevant.

The aim of the work is to carry out a compre­hensive analysis of the Ukrainian labor market state in the field of restaurant business in war conditions, to determine the main trends and pro­spects for further development.

Methods. General scientific methods of ana­lysis and synthesis, comparison, isolation, gene­ralization and resulting systematization of the researched material are applied.

Results. As a result of the war there was a decrease in the market potential of the restaurant business. Consequently, the labor market changed its orientation from the employee to the employer.

Candidates are forced to give in to salary interests and adapt to new realities of work. The number of line workers is reduced as much as possible, resulting in an increase in the number of responsibilities of the rest of the staff. The Ukrainian restaurant business market suffers from a lack of qualified personnel, some of whom are mobilized, belong to IDPs or refugees.

The labor market potential of the restaurant business abroad is analyzed. As a result, a port­rait of a potential employee in the wartime res­taurant business is described.

Conclusions. There will be a significant per­sonnel update, we will have to reckon with changes in the portrait of a potential employee, and these circumstances will have a negative impact on business in general. While the Ukrai­nian restaurant market is undergoing structural changes, nothing will fundamentally change abroad.

Author Biographies

Yuliia HONCHAR, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Food technology), Senior Teacher at the Department of Technology and the Organization of Restaurant Business

Liudmyla DIACHUK, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Philological), Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation


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