Adsorption properties of kaolin from Ukrainian deposits



kaolin, the surface properties of the filler, polymer adsorption, modification, surfactants


Background. The use of kaolin as a functional filler for paints will reduce its cost without its properties getting worse. Compatibility of the filler with the polymer is the main factor that affects the properties of the composite material. That’s why study of adsorption of polymers on domestic fillers and finding ways to improve its absorption are relevant.
The aim of the article is to establish the influence of kaolin surface energy on polymer adsorption and change of polymer adsorption by modifying kaolin.
Material and methods. Object of study is kaolin from Ukrainian deposits. Acrylic-styrene polymer was used as a binder. Aqueous potassium methyl siliconate solution and sodium lauryl sulphate were chosen as the surfactant modifiers. Adsorption interaction between macromolecules of acrylic-styrene polymer and active centers on the surface of kaolin was investigated by liquid chromatography.
Results. It was established that a significant factor which influences the adsorption properties of kaolin is the filtration coefficient.
Dependence of polymer adsorption on surface properties of kaolin makes it possible to regulate the course of interaction between binder and filler by modification of last.
Modified kaolin is less able to form aggregates that complicate their dispersion in the polymer matrix and lead to poor physical and mechanical properties of paints, and they are more compatible with non-polar polymer.
Conclusion. Surface modification of kaolin fillers is considered as a means of controlled influence on processes of interaction in the system of mineral filler – binder in paint formulations. This is one of the main methods of molecular regulation of surface properties, which makes fillers more compatible to polymer.

Author Biographies

Nina MEREZHKO, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Olga SHULGA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics



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