Optimization of the composition of high-octane gasolines with bioadditives





gasoline, bioadditives, mathematical modeling, octane number, bio­isobutyl alcohol, methyl tert-butyl ether, optimal composition


Background. The influence of the composition (gasoline of catalytic reforming, hydrotreated catalytic cracking, raffinate of benzene production, petroleum solvent, straight-run gasoline, bioisobutyl alcohol, methyl tert-butyl ether) on the performance properties of gasoline was studied. Mathematical models of the "composition – properties" type have been developed, which made it possible to optimize the ratio of the components of the composition of high-othane gasoline and bioadditives.
The aim of the article is to optimize the composition to obtain high-octane gasoline for spark ignition engines using bioadditives.
Materials and methods. Mathematical descriptions of the dependence of gasoline properties on the content of components and their ratios were obtained by the method of regression analysis of experimental data using the central composite rotatable plan. Mathe­matical processing of the experimental results was performed using STAT-SENS software.
Results. The adequacy of the obtained mathematical models was checked accor­ding to Fisher’s test. Since the calculated values of the Fisher test are smaller than their tabular values (at a significance level of 0.05), the obtained models adequately describe the studied process.
The obtained models were used to find the optimal composition of high-octane gasoline. When determining the optimal content of components, it was taken into account that the content of aromatic hydrocarbons in the gasoline composition should not exceed 35 vol.%, Sulfur content – not more than 10 mg / kg, benzene content – not more than 1.0 vol.%, And octane number – in the ranges corresponding to the brand of gasoline: A-92 (92–93), A-95 (95–96), A-98 (98–99). By the method of multicriteria optimization of the data array according to the obtained mathematical models, the values ​​of factors corresponding to the optimal compositions of high-octane gasoline with bioadditives were obtained in coded units and natural values.
Conclusion. The optimal compositions of high-octane gasolines of different brands with the use of bioadditives were obtained. The consumption of bioisobutyl alcohol and methyl tert-butyl ether in a mixture of high-octane gasoline with bioadditives is calculated. The optimal compromise area for obtaining gasolines with specified parameters with the possibility of regulating the content of bioadditives in the studied compositions is established.

Author Biographies

Nina MEREZHKO, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Sciences (Technical), Professor, Head of the Department of Commodity and Customs Affairs

Valentyna TKАCHUK, Lutsk National Technical University

PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Commodity Science and Expertise in Customs Affairs

Volodymyr KОMAKHA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

PhD in Technical Sciences, Senior Lecture at the Department of Commodity and Customs Affairs


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MEREZHKO Н., TKАCHUK В., & KОMAKHA В. (2020). Optimization of the composition of high-octane gasolines with bioadditives. NTERNATIONAL CIENTIFIC-RACTICAL OURNAL OMMODITIES ND ARKETS, 34(2), 84–96. https://doi.org/10.31617/tr.knute.2020(34)07




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