Export and import potential of Ukraine in frozen vegetables trade



frozen fruits and vegetables, export, import


Background. Over the past decade, according to the European Food Information Council supplies of fruits and vegetables (except potatoes and legumes) in Europe increased by 35 %. Along with this there is gradient from North to South: in Northern Europe the reserve of the fruits and vegetables is less than in the South.  Consumers’ provision with sufficient stocks of fruits and vegetables is directly dependent on agro-climatic conditions of their cultivation.
Expanding production of frozen products is an effective way to reduce losses of supplies of fruits and vegetables and meeting the population’s demand on its diverse range throughout the year, regardless of where they are cultivated.
The aim of this study is market research of frozen fruit and vegetable produce in Ukraine and identification of development prospects.
Material and methods. The object of the research is the Ukrainian market of frozen fruits and vegetables. During the research, we used methods of questioning, analysis, synthesis, comparison and data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
Results. In 2012, Ukraine entered the top three among exporters of frozen fruits and vegetables to the CIS countries, giving place to China and Poland. In 2016 the domestic market redirected to the EU market. Data analysis shows that Ukrainian exports of frozen vegetables for 2012–2015 increased 1.8 times. However, in 2016 the volume of exports decreased significantly, due to the lack of supply of products in the Russian Federation. Import of frozen vegetables decreased in 2016, 2.2 times in comparison with 2013 year, which indirectly confirms domestic production continues to conquer Ukrainian market of frozen fruits and vegetables.
A positive factor regarding the export-import potential of frozen produce in Ukraine is that the volume of exports prevails over imports. However, the products of foreign manufacturers represent the vast majority of the domestic market of, for example, frozen broccoli.
Conclusion. In Ukraine fast freezing as a method of preserving plant material, has considerable prospects for development, as evidenced by stable demand for the products, updating the range, a sufficient resource base and confirms the potential of Ukraine in the import substitution of frozen foods.

Author Biographies

Svitlana BELINSKA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Stanislava LEVITSKA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Postgraduate student


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