Audit in the digital economy




audit, e-audit, transformation of activities, digital technologies.


Introduction. The rapid transformational processes of the economy and the mass digitization of all spheres of life require clear, coherent and systematic approaches to the construction of their activities from the subjects of audit activity. Ukraine is not lagging behind in the introduction of the latest forms of control, and therefore actively incorporates the experience of EU countries into the domestic audit practice. Such a form of control, which is actively introduced into the practice of control and verification work, taking into account the experience of EU countries, is e-audit.

Problem. Serious concerns among users of financial statements, business entities, and entities of audit activities are caused by a massive increase in the amount of data, which requires interested users to search for new, progressive approaches to the construction of their activities, in particular, in terms of a conceptual change in the approach to the construction of the work of audit activities.

The aim of the study is to reveal the essence of the concept of «e-audit» and critically assess theore­tical and practical approaches to the transformation of audit activity in the context of modern business challenges.

Methods. General scientific and special methods are used: theoretical generalization and grouping, formalization, analysis and synthesis; logical generalization of the results.

Results. An author’s approach to revealing the essence of the conceptual and categorical apparatus of electronic audit has been formed.

Conclusions. A conceptual and categorical apparatus of electronic audit has been developed, within which: the concept of «e-audit» is substan­tiated (systematic, independent and documented audit of the correctness, completeness, timeliness and compliance of data (operations, reporting and other documents), which is carried out using modern digital – technologies that automate processes and contribute to more effective achievement of the goal of electronic audit tasks), in which, unlike existing definitions, a systematic approach was applied, which allowed to characterize it from economic and audit approaches to the definition. This contributes to the deepening of the understanding of the essence of concepts, the unification of the terminological apparatus to increase the efficiency of decision-making in the field of control and verification work.

Author Biographies

Kostiantyn BEZVERKHYI, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Financial Analysis and Audit


PhD (Economics), CAP, ACCA DipIFR, Auditor at the Department of Internal Audit, Management Office PJSC «Ukrnafta»


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