Meat processing industry of Ukraine: tendencies and prospects




meat industry, meat processing enterprises, beef and veal, pork, poultry meat, agricultural enterprises, households


Background. The total production of beef and pork is declining from year to year. The study of development trends in the meat industry of Ukraine will help to outline the prospects for the successful realization of potential opportunities for production expansion.
An analysis of recent research and publications has shown that despite some scientific developments, dynamic changes in the meat processing industry require constant monitoring of unresolved issues.
The aim of the study is to analyze the current state and characteristics of the meat processing industry of Ukraine on the basis of analytical research in general and in the context of its innovation activities in particular.
Materials and methods. Research methods were used: monographic, statistical groupings, correlation-regression analysis, graphical.
Results. Analysis of the dynamics of industrial meat production shows that beef and veal occupy the least share in it. The basis for ensuring the economic balance of production and economic relations of economic entities is the consistency of supply and demand for raw meat and products of its processing.
For the successful development of the industry, the state must protect and stimulate domestic producers; to harmonize domestic standards of safety and quality of products in accordance with international ones.
The innovative development of the meat market requires adequate investment support, and the stimulation of investment activity should be considered in the context of the strategy of development of the national economy on an innovative basis.
Conclusion. Livestock production in general and meat in particular are one of the leading sectors of agriculture. In recent years, there have been some trends in the dynamics and structure of meat production and consumption in favor of cheaper poultry meat. The reason for this is the reduction in production; increase in retail prices for all types of products; low incomes of the majority of the population. A necessary condition for the sustainable development of the meat processing industry is the introduction of European regulations on product quality and safety standards; introduction of resource-saving technologies at enterprises; reconstruction of enterprises; provision of production facilities with domestic raw materials.

Author Biographies

Iryna VLASENKO, Vinnytsa Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Professor at the Department of Commodity Science, Expertise and Trade Entrepreneurship

Tetiana SEMKO, Vinnytsa Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor,
Associate Professor at the Department of Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Business


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