Quality evaluation of rye-wheat bread with germinated flax seeds





flour, wheat flour, flax, dough, bread, improved technology, germinated grain, biological value, nutritional value, micro-biological evaluation.


There is a noticeable deficiency of basic nutrients in the populationʼs diet, which causes alimentary diseases. Bread with an improved nutritional composition is a socially significant product, and scientific confirmation of this can become a real tool for replenishing nutrients that people lack. Therefore, by increasing the nutritional value of bakery products, it is possible to solve the problem of nutritional quality of broad segments of the population and purposefully impact on their health. The aim of the study is to scientifically confirm the improvement of the quality of rye-wheat bread "Zdravytsia" due to the addition of germinated flax seeds (GFS). It has been established that the use of germinated flax seeds contributes to an increase in the number of tocopherols, which, in turn, inhibit the growth of microorganisms in bread. Rye-wheat bread "Zdravytsia" has a more valuable chemical composition than the control sample, the content of all micro- and macronutrients increases. Thus, the content of Calcium increases by 2 times, Selenium – by 2.4 times, vitamins of B group – by 1.5 times, and vitamins E and C from almost zero content increase to 57.93 and 2.4 mg/100 g, respectively. Bread "Zdravytsia" with GFS can be recommended for correcting food rations of different age groups of consumers.

Author Biographies

Svitlana KRAIEVSKA, State University of Trade and Economics

Master, Postgraduate student at the Department of Technology and Organization of Restaurant Business

Volodymyr PIDDUBNYI, State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Sciences (Technical), Professor, Professor at the Department of Technology and Organization of Restaurant Business 


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