Digital marketing: European trends




digital marketing, promotion, marketing communications, brand communication strategy, commercial content


Introduction. Innovative approaches to the strategy of promoting the brand in the digital environment contribute to the formation of a posi­tive image of the enterprise, increasing awareness and recognition among the target audience, which makes it possible to increase the level of com­petitiveness and efficiency of operations. 

Problem. The change in the behavior of Ukrainians in the conditions of war requires new approaches to the formation of trade offers, taking into account the value of the new Ukrainian digital space and the adaptation of global trends in digital marketing for Ukrainian brands based on the development of a new model of ethical interaction in social media. 

The aim of the study is to determine the prerequisites for the transformation of European digital marketing trends and the formation of a new model of ethical interaction in social media by systematizing approaches to the imple­men­tation of communication policy tasks of Euro­pean and Ukrainian brands in the digital envi­ronment. 

Methods. Methods of analysis and synthesis, system-structural analysis, comparison and graphic representation, logical summarization of results are used. 

Results. The trends of digital marketing on the European market are determined and the main directions of the company’s digital brand strategy are highlighted. The directions of implementation of the communication strategy of brands in the Ukrainian digital environment as the main com­ponent of the model of ethical interaction in social media in the conditions of war are revealed. 

Conclusions. The need for integration of business and society to strengthen social com­munication and support the economy of Ukraine has been proven. The toolkit of combining communications in the model of ethical inter­action in social media is defined and effective methods of expanding the target audience are presented to strengthen the image and develop a brand with a clear national position. The need to develop tolerant digital commercial content reflecting the needs of the state and social mis­sion in the brand development strategy was noted. A promising direction of further research is the development of algorithms for the imple­mentation of innovative approaches to the for­mation of brand communication in the digital marketing activities of enterprises in the war and post-war periods. 

Author Biography

Iryna MONTRIN , State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing


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