Evaluation of quality oil products


  • Valentyna TKACHUK


quality, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, operating properties, bioethanol


Background. Production of petroleum industry uses everyday and are highly liquid products. The problem of quality petroleum products, including gasoline and diesel fuels is an urgent matter today, as the number of cars is increasing annually, and the environmental situation of the environment and human health is getting worse. Therefore, assessment of quality petroleum products, identification of counterfeit substandard fuels are important contemporary issues.
Material and methods. In order to assess the quality of domestic oil was evaluated as a three samples of gasoline and diesel fuel sold in gas stations Luck on indicators of performance properties. Indicators of the performance properties of fuels were determined using standard techniques.
Results. The results of evaluation of commodity gasoline samples showed that all the indicators of performance properties of all gasoline in the normal range. However, it should be noted that the presence of sulfur in the fuel is a negative factor [2; 3]. The sulfur content in fuels, surveyed very low, indicating a non-corrosive activity investigated gasoline. However, most of the content found in gasoline A-80. Indicators selected performance properties of diesel fuels meeting the requirements of GOST 3868–99, but did not fully meet the new stricter ISO 4840:2007, especially sulfur. The best examples of these are diesel fuel at number 1, which is somewhat better performance properties, in particular the cetane number, sulfur content, viscosity, acidity, filtration coefficient.
Conclusion. In connection with the identified market problems lubricants public authorities should be harder to control imports of gasoline to prevent trafficking, to improve the regulatory and technical documentation to gasoline were more environmentally friendly, and this in turn requires the upgrading of domestic refineries.

Author Biography

Valentyna TKACHUK

Lutsk National Technical University


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