Effect of ultrafiltration parameters of cheese whey on protein content


  • Antonina MINOROVA National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine Institute of Food Resources


cheese whey, ultrafiltration, temperature, pressure, permeate, protein content


Background. Protein-carbohydrate raw milk is quite well researched subject of baromembrane division [3; 4]. In Ukraine there is no domestic membrane industry but at Buchach Cheese Factory (Ternopil region) partly using imported equipment, domestic experts installed and established commercial ultrafiltration plant.
The aim of the work is to study the impact of temperature and pressure on the protein content in the permeate during ultrafiltration of cheese whey.
Material and methods. Equipment installed at Buchach Cheese Factory (Fig. 1) worked in the mode of an automated control system. Ultrafiltration lasts 22 hours. Samples for the permeate study were collected every second hour. Protein content was determined by the Lowry method [12].
Results. Ultrafiltration temperature between 20 and 50 °C leads to an increase in the mass fraction of protein in the permeate. In the temperature range from 50 to 55 °C the protein content decreases. Further raising the temperature again leads to increased protein content. The pressure in the range of 0.1–0.5 MPa in the permeate has no significant influence on protein content.
Conclusion. In ultrafiltration at different temperatures the mass fraction of protein in the permeate ranges from 0.12–0.33 %, its lowest figures were recorded at 20 and 55 °C. Pressure has no significant effect on the protein content in the permeate, with its increase from 0.1 MPa to 0.5 mass fraction of protein is reduced by 0.04 %.

Author Biography

Antonina MINOROVA, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine Institute of Food Resources

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher


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