Genuine leather market in Ukraine


  • Vira PALAMAR Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Leather industr, leather production, external economic indexes, import, export, natural leather


Background. Based on the statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and customs statistics of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, one can analyze the trends in the development of natural leather market in Ukraine and identify the key trends. Future conclusions of such analysis can potentially serve as a basis for optimization of processes in this market. The support of the industry on the government level enables unimpeded supply of raw leather materials and consistent production of leather products.
The aim of this paper is to analyze external economic indicators in the leather sector of the light industry and identify the key trends in the development of the natural leather market in Ukraine.
Material and methods. Natural leather market in Ukraine was an object of the study. The study used methods of synthesis and analysis, comparison and generalization. Statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine served as a basis for this research: data on industrial products, the volume of sold industrial goods (textile, garment and leather industries, goods made of leather and other materials), and the customs data of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, in particular indices of Ukraine’s external trade of processed leather and leather made of skins of cattle or horses.
Results. Some key trends in the leather market of Ukraine have been identified based on the data retrieved after the analysis, comparison and summarizing of the statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and customs statistics of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The analysis of external economic activity of the leather sector enterprises suggests that the there is an export-oriented policy in place, but its dynamics has been inconsistent over the past five years. This tendency has a negative impact on the state of leather production in Ukraine and limits the potential of effective development of this industry.
Conclusion. Leather production is a high priority area of Ukrainian industry. Considerable volume of leather export suggests that the natural leather produced in Ukraine is competitive on the market. Taking into account new geopolitical circumstances, it is reasonable for Ukraine to pay sufficient attention to the light industry, and among other measures, to leather materials production and provide state support in a form of relevant strategic programs to advance leather industry and decrease its orientation on export.

Author Biography

Vira PALAMAR, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Postgraduate student


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