Innovations in food technologies


  • Galyna SIMAKHINA National University of Food and Technologies
  • Natalia NAUMENKO National University of Food and Technologies


healthy foodstuffs, innovations, innovative food enterprise, efficiency, safety of food products, food status


Background. The market economics and the worldwide experience condition the necessity of developing the innovative technologies in food industry, first of all in the sphere of healthy food, because today the direct connection between its structure and the state of health in population has been set up.
Material and methods. The scientific publications by native and foreign authors, and the results of our own researches, studied by analytic and comparative methods.
Results. Based on the adaptation of postulates declared by Joseph Schumpeter, the American economist, to the needs of today’s food industry, we have formulated the sequence of practical aspects. It was proved that the perfect organization of innovative food enterprise embraces the wide array of technical, organizational, and economical problems whose solving is strictly dependent on the well-arranged collaboration of high qualified specialists in various trends.
We have proposed the definition for the term "innovative food enterprise", the algorithm of its organization, and the brief characteristics for the components that would provide the efficient functioning of a certain enterprise. There was also shown that the key role on every stage of formation and development of the innovative activity must be given to science that would allow solving the current problems in food industry with great effectiveness.
Conclusion. Innovative way of development is the most prospective, economically profitable, and socially significant. Innovations in food production have to be implemented nowadays, first of all, in production of healthy foodstuffs whose part in the world market is constantly growing. Ukraine has got all of the necessary economical and social preconditions to form and develop the innovations in food productions.

Author Biographies

Galyna SIMAKHINA, National University of Food and Technologies

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Natalia NAUMENKO, National University of Food and Technologies

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor


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