Counteracting hybrid threats in Ukrainian legislation




hybrid war, hybrid threats, national security, culture of security, long-term planning documents, sectoral strategic documents.


Introduction. Ukrainian legislation in the field of national security protection, including counte­raction to hybrid threats, is conceptually complex: it regulates the main areas of real and potential threats, considers them in an inseparable connection of external and internal factors, the subject-ness of state, society and citizen; aimed not only at preserving the functioning of the state and the vital functions of society, but also at protecting democratic develop­ment, human rights and freedoms, the values inherent in Ukrainian society.

Problem. Some key legal acts in this area are still purely descriptive and declarative, do not provide mechanisms for their implementation.

The aim of the study is to determine the history of formation, structure, main characteristics and shortcomings of Ukrainian legislation in the field of combating hybrid threats.

Methods. Research methods used: histo­rical and genetic; formal-dogmatic, structural and functional; comparative and method of recons­truction.

Results. Hybrid warfare can be defined as a new type of confrontation between states and with non-state actors, dialectically linked to the prohibition of conventional warfare in international law as a means of national policy. Ukraine has a well-developed system of legislation in the field of national security protection, including counteraction to hybrid threats, which is concep­tually complex. But only in the face of Russian aggression, the principles and guidelines are sup­plemented by mechanisms for their imple­mentation through the definition of a holistic culture of security, centra­lization and clarification of the institutional component of national security, creating a hierarchical system of interrelated regulations.

Conclusions. The current Ukrainian legis­lation in the field of national security is charac­terized by: hierarchical structure of regulations and institu­tional support; security component of all spheres of life awareness, idea of sustainability as vulnera­bility management and capacity building; expanding and modernizing the understanding of the subject of regulation, accounting the virtual space of confrontation.


Author Biography

Oleksiy KRESIN , State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Sciences (Law), AssociateProfessor,
Professor of the Department of International, Civil and Commercial Law


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