Socio-legal aspects of employment in Ukraine


  • Natalia BONDARENKO Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


unemployment, employment, employment forms, legal status of unemployed


Background. Unemployment in Ukraine has recently become critical, it leads to disruption of social identity of the population and even to some mental illness among the unemployed. Unemployment results in lower social status and material security of people, which in turn negatively affects the social relations and criminal situation in the society. Ukraine’s desire to integrate into the world community and the problems associated with the formation of open type economy require new approaches to learning and solving problems in the labor market, including the issue of unemployment.
The aim of this article is to study the theoretical methodological and applied foundations of unemployment; scientific justification of the priorities of its regulation.
Materials and methods. General scientific and special methods of research have been used in the article: structural logic to study regulatory interpretation of the unemployment phenomenon, sociological – social conditioning of employment problems, classification – determine types of unemployment and groups of the unemployed, comparison – study certain articles of the current legislation.
Results. The main form of solving the problem of unemployment in today’s economy is an efficient state employment policy based on the principles of full coverage: free choice of work by economically active population; equal opportunities for people in the exercise of the constitutional right to work; social protection against unemployment. Its state in the country primarily depends on effective employment policy, which is not possible without a comprehensive legal regulation. Labor legislation of Ukraine protects but does not help from unemployment, it has certain gaps and does not regulate existing types of work, including atypical forms of employment. Among the causes of youth unemployment scientists and experts name reluctance of employers to hire inexperienced and unskilled youth. This applies particularly to young women, because there is a high probability that they will take vocations and sick leaves for child care.
Conclusion. Solutions to the problem of unemployment cover a range of measures of integrated nature concerning the improvement of legislation of Ukraine, which should be brought into line with international norms and principles; introducing a mechanism to protect the domestic labor market because of the integration of Ukraine into the European space; preservation of effectively functioning employment and job creation; creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurship by unemployed; development of national and regional programs to combat youth unemployment.

Author Biography

Natalia BONDARENKO , Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Candidate of Law, assistant professor of general legal disciplines


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