Monitoring strategies and corruption restriction in the administrative area


  • Jafari MAHTAB University of Tehran


Administrative Corruption, Controlling the Administrative Corruption, Pathology Theory, 3-Ramifications Analytical Model, Administrations of Tehran Province.


The significant relationship between corruption in the administrative bodies of the country and factors that contain the material situation of employees, the mental peculiarities of the society, organizational peculiarities of its structure, quality and number of individual and psychological characteristics of the population are investigated. Considerable links between control methods and the extent of corruption reduction are also considered. The effective methods for the prevention of corruption are proposed, among which: the existence of an effective system of financial and administrative controls, the establishment of independent agencies for combating corruption in the administrative system of government, strengthening sanctions against corruptors, governance depoliticizing.

Author Biography

Jafari MAHTAB , University of Tehran

M.A. in Political Geography, Department of political geography,
Faculty of Geography


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