The systems of local self-government: doctrinal approaches to the definition of the concept




local self-government, models of implementation of public authority in the field, subjects of local self-government, forms of local self-government


Background. Attempts to reform the system of local self-government have repeatedly been made in Ukraine, and the one that exists today broadens the list of subjects included in it, does not deny the forms of direct democracy at the local level. This is important for understanding the system of local self-government, trends and dynamics of its development for the future, since the problem of defining the concept and essence of the system of local self-government is controversial in legal science. There are practically no relevant scientific developments regarding the functioning of the people’s power at the regional level in Ukraine, which emphasizes the relevance of the study.
Analysis of recent research and publications. The question of the existence and development of the system of local self-government has both theoretical and practical character, and in the legal literature repeated attempts have been made to solve this problem, as evidenced by the studies of both Ukrainian and foreign scholars.
Despite the significance of the achievements of these scholars, the question of clarifying the concept and content of the system of local self-government is still insufficiently researched.
The aim of the article is to clarify the concept and definition of the essence of the institution «system of local self-government».
Materials and methods. The basis of the methodology of scientific research is the integrated approach to the analysis of the concept of «system of local self-government». Through the use of the formal legal method, the concept and content of the institution «system of local self-government» are established. In the process of research it was also used structural and functional and a number of other general scientific and special scientific methods.
Results. Based on the analysis of theoretical developments and normative regulation, taking into account the signs and factors (models of the implementation of local authorities in the regions, subjects and forms of local self-government, administrative-territorial division of the country, etc.), the concept of a system of local self-government is proposed and its essence is specified.
ConclusionThe term «system of local self-government»should be used only to indicate the organizational and legal mechanism for the implementation of local self-government within a separate self-governing administrative-territorial unit (villages, towns, cities), territorial communities of which act as independent entities of local self-government.

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Candidate of Juridical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor,
Associate Professor at the Department of Constitutional, International
and Criminal Law, after Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University


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