• Olha BAKALINSKA Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
  • Nataliya BUHAIENKO Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine 


information exchange, tacit consent, concerted actions, competition law


The normative principles of evaluation of information exchange between rival enterprises based on the experience of the EU regarding compliance with the legislation on protection of economic competition are investigated; forms of information exchange between competitors that are compatible (incompatible) in the context of the protection of economic competition; the progressive international practice on termination of violations in the form of information exchange, which leads to distortion of economic competition is analyzed. The prospects of normative settlement of requirements in the current legislation are defined. 

Author Biographies

Olha BAKALINSKA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Juridical Sciences, associate professor, Head of the Department of International Private, Commercial and Civil Law

Nataliya BUHAIENKO , Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine 

Candidate of Economic Sciences (PhD), Director of the Centre for Comprehensive Studies on Antimonopoly Policy


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