Institutionalization of public financial control


  • Yuriy BARANIUK


state financial control, regional features, world experience, institu­tionalization, supreme control body


BackgroundThe development of state financial control occurs in each country in a peculiar way, which is caused both by the established historical administrative system and the needs of the system of public administration.
Analysis of recent research and publications. Many scholars have been studying issues of state regulation and financial control, including: A. Mazaraki, I. Chugunov, S. Bardash, S. Volosovych, V. Baranovska, O. Aleksandrovych, O. Lytvyn, V. Nikitin, D. Chernikov, M. Kuzio etc. Highly appreciating the contribution of researchers, it is worth noting that there is a need for a comparative analysis of the regional peculiarities of the institutionalization of the designated system in the world.
The aim of the article is to identify regional peculiarities of the institu­tionalization of public financial control and the search for the most effective model.
Materials and methods. The scientific works of scientists and practitioners published in Ukraine and abroad became the information base of the research. The article used statistical data of international organizations. It was applied methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis, the unity of historical and logical, comparison and generalization.
Results. The regional features of institutionalization of state financial control in the world are analyzed. There are identified regions in which the supreme body of state financial control of preventive type prevails, as well as regions with a controlling body of punitive type. It has been established that the model of state financial control, which is endowed with judicial functions, is characterized by a lower level of legislative regulation, much lower indicators of financial audit, performance and efficiency audit and other control measures. While in countries dominated by the parliamentary model of public financial control, without judicial functions, there is a much higher level of transparency and publicity of the control process.
Conclusion. Independent administration of the parliament without judicial functions is by far the most optimal and effective system of institutionalization of the supreme body of state financial control in the world.

Author Biography


postgraduate student of the Department of Finance,
head of the Scientific Society of students,
postgraduates, doctoral students and young scientists
of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics


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