Ukrainian-Polish trade relations: retrospective analysis




trade, Ukraine, Poland, historical and economic aspect.


Background. It is important to consider the issue of developing trade relations between the countries in the historical retrospective, which enables, based on the results of the study, to identify the long-term trends of mutual relations, to determine their advantages, disadvantages, barriers, to predict future scenarios of development, which determines the relevance of the study of the historical and economic aspect of enlargement, deepening Ukrainian-Polish relations in the field of trade.
The aim of this study is a retrospective analysis of the development of trade Ukrainian-Polish relations and the establishment of historical and economic trends that determine the prospects and strategy of economic cooperation between countries.
Materials and methods. The peculiarity of scientific research is the retrospective analysis of the historical and economic aspect of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in order to determine the strategic directions and prospects for this cooperation.
Results. Trade relations between Ukraine and Poland have a profound historical past. In nearly a thousand years of history, these two countries experienced various stages of trade and economic relations, in active phases, in periods characterized by the functioning of a single trading space, as well as in the relevant stages of acute political and trade confrontation. Only with the achievement of independence by Ukraine trade relations entered a new qualitative historical level of their development.
Conclusion. An analysis of the current state of trade cooperation proves its positive dynamics and the beginning of structural changes in the established parity of commodity exchange. At the same time, a qualitative analysis of the commodity structure of exports and imports of Ukraine and Poland indicates the need to increase the change in the raw materials of Ukrainian exports to high-tech, which is possible in the conditions of radical changes in the sectoral structure of the national economy of our country.

Author Biographies

Halyna STUDINSKA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor at the Department of International

Volodymyr STUDINSKYI, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
at the Department of international Economic Relations


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