Legal status of communal unitary enterprises




communal enterprise, communal property, supervisory board, local self-government bodies, territorial community, local council, executive committee.


Background. In the context of Ukraine's European integration, it is important to improve the legislation that determines the legal status of utilities to increase their profitability, reduce corruption risks and comply with European standards, which indicates the relevance of the research topic.
Analysis of recent research and publications has shown that rapid changes in domestic legislation in the context of European integration cause the inevitability of the transformation of the legal status of utilities and require research on this topic.
The aim of the article is to reveal the features of the legal status of utilities in the context of European integration and make suggestions for improving legislation in this area.
Materials and methods. The study is based on current legislation, statistics, etc. The methodological basis of the research is general scientific and special methods of cognition, in particular dialectical, formal-logical, analysis and synthesis, system-structural, etc.
Results. The transformation of the order of creation of communal enterprises (administrative for unitary and contractual for joint ones), modernization of the management system of communal unitary enterprises by the possibility of creating supervisory boards are pointed out. The legislation and practice of activity of supervisory boards of communal unitary enterprises are analyzed. Proposals have been made to improve the legislation governing the activities of communal unitary enterprises.
Conclusion. The peculiarity of the legal status of communal unitary enterprises is determined by the following factors: their ownership by the territorial community; the order of creation; management system; the possibility of creating a supervisory board as a management and control body; legal regime of property; in order to create them.

Author Biography

Olha MELNYCHUK, Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and EconomicsKyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of law, Associate Professor, Professor at the Department of Law 


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