Global trends of Internet marketing




Internet, Internet technologies, Internet marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), voice search, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), affiliate marketing.


Abstract. Internet marketing is a modern and effective way of promoting goods and services online that allows you to attract new customers and maintain contact with existing ones, increase your competitiveness and recognition in the market, analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and optimize them, save budget and get a high level of profitability of invested funds. To respond to the changing consumer behavior worldwide, new approa­ches are needed to create trade offers that take into account the value of the new internet space and adapt the global trends of internet marketing for global brands based on the implementation of modern technologies. The purpose of the article is to establish promising directions for the application of modern innovative technologies of Internet marketing of Ukrainian brands in the digital environment. In the process of research, a set of general and special methods and approaches that correspond to the goal was used, namely: induction, deduction, comparison and systematization, statistical and structural –logical analysis, recommendatory method. The article examines in detail the most relevant trends in Internet marketing that exist in the world today. The authors describe the peculiarities of a website, provide a description of modern approaches to search engine optimisation, and the impact of artificial intelligence and virtual reality on the interaction between business and the target audience. The article also substantiates the necessity of using affiliate marketing in the Ukrainian business environment, which will facilitate the presence of the brand on various resources and, consequently, increase its recognition among the target audience. It is determined that modern Internet marketing applies all aspects of traditional marketing in digital, but at the same time constantly expands the set of innovative tools that allow creating individual and interesting offers for each client based on their behaviour, interests, needs and expectations and measuring and optimising the effectiveness of their marketing activities using analytics, A/B testing, conversion optimisation, etc. A promising area for further research is the development of a strategy that defines goals, target audience, competitive analysis, methods of achieving goals and mechanisms for monitoring performance.

Author Biography

Tetiana CHERNYSH, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics),  Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing



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