Virtual arbitration of foreign economic disputes




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In the system of alternative methods of resolving foreign economic disputes, forms of arbitration proceedings play a key role. The digitization of many spheres of social life, in particular the procedure for resolving disputes, prompts a large number of institutional arbitration institutions to implement virtual proceedings as an urgent need for the global business community. The main issue in this context is the relationship between "direct" and "virtual" arbitration. The purpose of the article is to highlight the results of the research of both legislative regulation and law enforcement practice of a number of countries of the world regarding "virtual" arbitration proceedings for possible implementation and further unification in the Ukrainian legal system. The methods used are: structural-logical and system-functional analysis; comparative legal. The definitive construction of "virtual arbitration proceedings" is analysed through the prism of legislative regulation of many countries of the world. Highlighting the key problematic issues of the Ukrainian legislative regulation of virtual arbitration proceedings, ways to improve this procedural institution are proposed.

Author Biography

Serhii KRAVTSOV, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

PhD (Law), Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Procedure, Arbitration and Private International Law


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