The information technology market as a driver of post-war recovery




information technology market, digitalization, post-war recovery.


Information technologies play an important role in the modern economic system and are currently the economic support of the state and its driver of development. Analysis of the formation and develop­ment of the domestic information technology market is one of the key factors in understanding the degree of its importance in the future rise of Ukraine as a digital state. The increased uncertainty because of full-scale war has led to the intensification of the information technology market in Ukraine, despite new difficulties. But currently there are several opera­tional and strategic problems that hold back the development of Ukraine as an advanced information state. This requires the application of new approaches to the management of the domestic economy, in parti­cular, transformation into a country with a developed market of information technologies, which creates a large part of the added value in GDP. The aim of this article is to analyse the current state of the informa­tion technology market in Ukraine, in particular, the dyna­mics of its development and role in the domestic economic system, as well as to identify potential ways to stimulate the market not only after the war, but also now. The main research methods were statistical analysis, theoretical generalization, comparison and classifi­cation. The results of the study are the identification of problems that hinder the development of the infor­mation technology market in Ukraine and the determi­nation of recommendations and practices to overcome them. It is substantiated that the war provides unique opportunities for rethinking the role of information technologies in the further development of the state, in particular, by modernizing the entire economic system of the country. Focusing state attention on the development of the information technology market will enable Ukraine to turn into a developed state with a strong digital economy.

Author Biography

Ihor RUDENKO, State University of Trade and Economics

Postgraduate student of the Department of Economic Theory and Competitive Policy


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