Generation of professional competencies of advertisers




competencies, marketing communications, computer graphics in advertising.


Introduction. The advertising and information space is impossible without communication processes, in particular data exchange, the purpose of which is to ensure the understanding of information created, transmitted and received by people.

Problem. The formation of communication processes does not take place without specialists capable of working in the media industry in conditions of advanced computerization.

The aim of the work is to determine the features of the formation of communication competence; the presentation of approaches and recommendations for improving the methodology of training advertising specialists and the results of its approval.

Methods. The classification and analytical method was used; questionnaire surveys, graphic and structural analysis, logical generalization.

Results. One of the general competencies of the specialization «Advertising and public relations» is the acquisition of skills in the use of information and communication technologies. The purpose of using software products is to: provide students with tools for professional work; intensify the task performance process; stimulate the development of creative abilities; formation of critical thinking regarding the analysis of media products. In the conditions of a pandemic and martial law, classes take place via Zoom, using the Viber and Telegram applications, e‑mail. Among the problems there are: high cost of licensed programs; selection of software products suitable for use as a learning tool; professional and pedagogical qualification of teachers.

Conclusions. Education with the use of the latest technologies acts today as a component of student training in accordance with the social orders of our time. This approach forms a new «computer» intelligence, including in the field of media product creation.

Author Biographies

Halyna ALDANKOVA, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Advertising

Tetiana BOZHKO, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Technical), Associate Professor, Head of Curriculum and Instruction Department


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