Marketing strategy of Ukrainian IT companies entering the world market




international marketing strategy, innovative advertising means, IT services market, international business, B2B communications.


Introduction. The world economic system is currently in a state caused by the explosive development of IT technologies against the background of the most difficult challenges for the international economy.

Problem. In the conditions of globalization, the most important thing for business entities is the formation of an appropriate marketing strategy for exiting and managing international markets with maximum results and minimum losses. 

The aim of the article is the formation of a marketing strategy for entering the international market of domestic enterprises that provide IT services, as well as the development of promising methods of lead generation through the use of innovative advertising technologies.

Methods. The dialectical method of scientific knowledge and a number of general scientific and special research methods are applied.

Results. To improve the efficiency of the international marketing system in the IT sphere, the short-term forecasts should be as close as possible to reality, which largely depends on the methodology of marketing planning and forecasting. SOSTAC is a well-structured, relevant model of actions that describes all the necessary steps for developing a marketing strategy and which should be followed when entering foreign markets. A model of marketing management during participation in international business in the IT sphere is proposed, which is built on innovative business principles.

Conclusions. The presented model of marketing management during participation in international business in the IT sphere, which is built on innovative principles, allows systematizing all marketing actions and measures and forming a program for their implementation not by chance, but in a complex format which will allow taking into account the risks of the functioning of international business entities processes and develop programs to reduce and overcome them. Therefore, there is an opportunity to effectively work with the entire network of development of goods and markets in the IT sphere, which will provide an opportunity to identify new attractiveness of activities and conduct an effective assessment of them from the position of compliance with the general goals and resources of the business entity in the IT sphere.

Author Biographies

Maryna KORZH, State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Professor at the Department of World Economy

Vladyslava SOVA

PhD (Economic), practitioner

Inna FOMICHENKO, Donbas State Engineering Academy

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Management


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