System of state financial regulation of human capital development




public financial regulation, human capital, fiscal policy, budget, education expenditures, health expenditures.


Introduction. At this stage of social development, the task of proper financial support for human capital development has become important. The success of this task directly depends on the quality of the system of state financial regulation of human capital development, taking into account economic dynamics.

Problem. Accordingly, the issues of finding alternative sources of strengthening human capital and optimizing the structure of financial support for its development have been intensified.

The aim of the article is revealing the basic principles of public financial development of its human capital and substantiation of strategic objec­tives in the conditions of economic transformations.

Methods. The research methodically used the system method, the method of comparative analysis, scientific abstraction, methods of analysis and synthesis.

Results. The role of state financial regulation of human capital development in the conditions of economic transformations is determined. The peculiarities of the tools of state financial regulation of human capital development are revealed. An analysis and assessment of the consolidated budget expenditures on education and health care has been carried out. Approaches to the use of financial and budgetary tools in the field of education and health care have been developed. The directions of improvement of the state financial regulation of human capital development in the conditions of economic transformations are substantiated.

Conclusions. Making rational management decisions to change the structure of public financial resources aimed at human capital development should be based not only on assessing trends and
dynamics of their use, but also on the degree of
their validity, given the importance of fiscal policy adaptability to social processes.

Author Biography

Valentyna MAKOHON, State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Science (Economics), Senior researcher, Professor at the Department of Finance


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