Container cargo transshipment in seaports: quality assessment




quality of service, container terminals, CFPR method, expert assessment, rank of container terminals, factors and subfactors of quality of transshipment operations


Introduction. One of the problems in the functioning and development of the port indus­try is the low quality of loading and unloading operations, inconsistency of actions to increase transshipment capacity, which leads to unfair competition of domestic seaports.
Problem. The choice of transshipment con­tainer terminals, which is influenced by many factors, is becoming very important for trans­port companies. Therefore, the quality of trans­shipment services at container terminals should be considered alongside factors such as avai­lability, capacity and information technology.
The aim of the article is to provide a multi-criteria assessment of the quality of service of transshipment operations at container ter­minals of seaports of Ukraine using the theory of fuzzy logic.
Methods. This study uses the method of CFPR (Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relation) – a consistent fuzzy balance of benefits, which is widely used in assessing the quality of ser­vice, characterized by a multi-criteria problem of decision-making (both quantitative and qua­litative data).
ResultsUsing the CFPR method using both real data and expert opinions, a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of the 5 lar­gest transshipment container terminals was con­ducted.The results of the study showed that the most important factor is the accessibility of the terminal, and the biggest subfactor is the proxi­mity to the main highway.
Conclusions. Conducting a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis helps con­tainer terminal operators to better understand customer requirements and develop strategic management decisions to improve the quality of their service; reduce costs and provide better service to their customers; develop appropriate policies and strategies for the growth of the shipping industry.

Author Biography

Olga PRYIMUK, State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Trade Entrepreneurship and Logistics


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