Classification of advertising content in retail




advertising audio content, classification of audio advertising, podcasts, radio advertising, digital audio advertising, online advertising


Introduction. Audio advertising content is one of the most important means of marketing communications in retail. It helps consumers to learn about the seller, range and characteristics of goods, discounts, promotions and other offers, while advertisers provide better inter­ac­tion with customers, maintaining loyalty and expanding their loyalty thanks to potential customers.
Problem. There are a large number of types of advertising audio content and promotion of goods of retailers among potential and existing consumers. But there is no general classifi­ca­tion that summarizes all types of advertising audio content. Such a classification is useful not only from a scientific but also from practical point of view. 
The aim of the article isto determine the essence of advertising audio content, to develop its classification and to analyze the prospects for its development.
Methods. Methods of analysis and syn­thesis, logical generalization, grouping and com­parison were applied in the article.
Results. The proposed definitions and classi­fication of advertising audio content that corres­ponds to modern realities are the result of the study. The classification of advertising audio content allows retailers to navigate quickly and efficiently among the types of advertising and choose the most appropriate for the tasks set in the marketing strategy. The article presents the features and formats for each type of adver­tising audio content. 
Conclusions. Advertising audio content should be considered a paid form of infor­mational impact on the consumer through audio recording in order to promote a particular product, service or an enterprise brand. It can be broadcast in shopping malls, public places, on the radio, on music and radio listening sites on the Internet, in mobile applications, on tele­vision, podcasts, in audio books, social net­works. The authors offer classification features of advertising audio content by broadcasting methods, places of perception, performed func­tions, by the degree of modernity, by the fre­quency of broadcasting. 

Author Biographies

Yevhen RYZHAKOV, State University of Trade and Economics

Postgraduate Student at the Department of Marketing

Olena MELNYKOVYCH, State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Professor at the Department of Journalism and Advertising


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