Forecasting the value of historical cold weapons




cultural monuments, cold weapons, identification, commodity evaluation, expert evaluation, attribution, value prediction, comparative method.


The question of the assessment of cultural monuments, including the assessment of losses caused to Ukrainian museums, archives, foundations, and private collectors due to the Russian military aggression, is urgent and extremely important for owners and managers. It is related to the need to determine the appraised value in numerous court cases about lost, damaged, or stolen property, as well as the legality of the transfer of property rights and the determination of insurance amounts. For commodification evaluation, professional apprai­sers and forensic experts need objective, unified and computerized methods of recognizing cultural monuments, particularly cold weapons, for further evalua­tion. This makes it possible to use available information sources and specialized databases to identify and assess the affinity of examina­tion objects, to calculate the approximate estimated value of samples of cold weapons.

The development of a specialized algorithm for determining the value of lost and destroyed cultural values, in particular cold weapons, is gaining relevance.

Since it is difficult for experts and collectors to form the value of lots, taking into account the constant change and unsystematic information about antique cold weapons, the task of the research is to improve the methodology, which will at least partially solve the above-described problem.

The result of the conducted research is an improved technique for evaluating cold weapons, which will significantly simplify the procedures for assessing auction lots and items from museum and private collections.

Author Biography

Taras KARAVAEV, State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Commodity Studies and Customs Affairs


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