Sugar consumption: global trends




sugar, sugar industry, types of sugar, production, consumption, expansion of the range.



The results of the study of global and domestic trends in the production and consumption of sugar obtained from sugar beets and sugar cane are presented; data on the range and main characteristics of different types of sugar offered on world commodity markets are systematized; an analysis of the range of products of Ukrainian sugar factories was carried out; the prospects of domestic sugar producers regarding meeting consumer demand and increasing the competitiveness of domestic products are outlined.

In the course of the study, general scientific methods were used to collect information, analyze it, and theoretically generalize it; statistical methods were used to quantify the volume of sugar consumption; graphical methods were used to illustrate the dynamics of the indicators studied in this paper.

It is shown that in the near future, the trend of increasing sugar production will continue in the world. As for global sugar consumption per capita, a slow decline is generally expected. At the same time, if the total consumption of sugar is not expected to increase in the next decade in developed countries, such growth is predicted for developing countries due to the increase in population incomes and urbanization. Sugar consumption in Ukraine per capita is at a fairly high level, although a trend towards an annual decrease in the indicator is being monitored. In recent decades, the list of types of sugar produced by domestic sugar factories has signi­ficantly increased. At the same time, the current challenge for Ukrainian sugar producers is to further develop their product range in line with global trends. Thanks to the production of new types of sugars, domestic factories get the oppor­tunity to compete with similar imported products. A promising area for expanding the range of sugar products is the production of organic products, as well as sugars with an enriched macro- and microelement composition.

Author Biographies

Tetiana CHORNA, State Tax University

PhD (Technical Sciences), Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Customs and Commodity Science

Nataliia HUSIATYNSKA, National University of Food Technologies

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor at the Department of Sugar Technology and Water Treatment

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