Nutritional and biological value of gluten-free cakes with concentrate of buttermilk




gluten, celiac disease, milk-protein concentrate of buttermilk, gluten-free cake with a milk-protein concentrate of buttermilk, nutritional, biological value


Introduction. In connection with the martial law in Ukraine, the deterioration of the ecological and socio-economic situation, the problem of pre­serving people’s health and improving their im­mune system has become more acute.

Problem. A promising direction of scientific research on the development and implementta­tion of product technologies to the domestic mar­ket for people with chronic diseases related to the "intolerance" of certain nutrients is the rational use of the nutritional potential of secondary dairy and vegetable raw materials.

The aim of the article is to determine the nutritional and biological value of gluten-free cakes using a milk-protein concentrate (MPC) of buttermilk. 

Methods. The nutritional value of the pro­ducts was calculated according to the tables of the che­mical composition of food products. The energy value, the degree of balance of essential acids of the samples was determined according to generally accepted standardized research methods.

Result. In terms of the content of most nut­rients, the developed gluten-free cakes exceed the control sample: protein substances by 8.15 %, fiber by 7 times. The reduction of sugar in the gluten-free cakes recipe by 10 % compared to the control, and the use of MPC of buttermilk, which has a fat content of 1.3 %, affects the reduction of the energy value of the developed product. In the composition of the proteins of the developed cakes, the level of all essential amino acids exceeds the recommended content of FAO/WHO, which confirms the high biological value of the products.

Conclusions. The developed product, a gluten-free cake with MPC of buttermilk, is characte­rized by a high content of complete proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Author Biographies

Tetiana YUDINA, State University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor at the Department of Technologies and Organization of Restaurant Business

Olha BEZRUCHENKO, State University of Trade and Economics

Postgraduate Student at the Department of Technologies and Organization of Restaurant Business


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