Railway transport of Ukraine under the turbulence of foreign trade flows





transport enterprises, foreign trade flows, martial law, cargo transportation, railway transport


Introduction. The transport sector operates in conditions of increasing turbulence caused by the economic crisis and the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine. Currently, a destabilizing situation is observed against the background of military operations in all spheres of economic activity.

Problem. Adoption of effective anti-crisis deci­sions to support the smooth operation of railway transport enterprises in the conditions of turbulent transformation of foreign trade flows requires a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the state of international transportation.

The aim of the article is to assess the state of ope­ration of railway transport enterprises in the conditions of turbulent transformation of foreign trade flows.

Methods. In the course of the research, the method of elementary theoretical analysis and syn­thesis, graphic method, deduction method, economic-statistical methods and grouping were used.

Results. In recent years, transport companies have taken a hit, first associated with quarantine measures due to the spread of the coronavirus, and now with military actions. Transport enterprises, in particular railway ones, are currently the key ones in providing military and special transports, as well as in meeting the needs of the industrial sector and are also a key link in the transport and logistics complex of Ukraine, which annually provides the largest volumes of freight transport. At the same time, due to military actions, a destabilizing situa­tion is observed in all spheres of economic activity. In particular, certain transformations have taken place in the field of foreign trade in goods, which relate to the forced reorientation of foreign trade and transport flows to Western countries. All this requires a quick reaction to make effective anti-crisis decisions.

Conclusions. Due to the fact that the transport sector operates in conditions of increasing turbu­lence, the development of international and foreign trade transportation through the territory of Ukraine remains a promising direction.

Author Biographies

Tatyana LUCHNIKOVA , State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor at Department of Trading Business and Logistics

Liudmyla KHARSUN , State University of Trade and Economics

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor at Department of Trade Entrepreneurship and Logistics

Sergii POTOMKIN , State University of Infrastructure and Technologies

Postgraduate student at Department of Management and Public Administration


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