World tourism market: transformations after the pandemic




tourist market, digital tourism, market transformation, touroperating, on-line tourism business.


Background. The tourism market is actively restructured, with innovative changes rapidly modernizing travel’s technology and the demand and content of the tourism product. Changing target markets for tourism services occurs both on the general principles of the evolution of the markets and on purely tourism-specific factors: the change of technology of operational content, mobile technology and online booking platforms, package tourism offers and personalization in the organization of individual tourism programs, software tourism according to target market segments, etc.
The aim of the work is to analyze the factors influencing the changes in tourism demand in the global travel and tourism market, to establish promising tourism markets; the processes of digitization of the tourism sector and the impact of processes and products innovations on tourism activity.
Materials and methods. In the course of the research, the methods of analysis and synthesis, scientific generalization and comparison of data from scientific sources, as well as open sources of international statistical information and official data of forums, ratings, the international tourist barometer are used.
Results. Today, the tourist market is undergoing structural transformationsthat significantly change business processes. In the article we tried to summarize and predict the effects of these factors on the structure of sales of the tourproduct, to identify promising markets and destinations for tourism. All these changes are identified as innovative trends, emerging from the level of demand for tourproduct and contribute to the sustainable tourism development in the world.
Conclusion. Technological changes, communication between people around the world, growing demand and experience are driving the emergence of new tourism projects and routes, and such innovations are a determining source of revenue of the tourism sector.
According to the results of the analysis, we can conclude that tourism is really recovering quickly, two or three-year downturns are atypical, positive dynamics may already be in the next after the crisis year, which indicates the extreme stability of tourism demand.

Author Biographies

Hanna MYKHAILICHENKO, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Doctor of Economics, Professor at the Department of Tourism and Recreation

Alla KLIMOVA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Tourism and Recreation


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