• Scientia fructuosa

    To February 2022  had been published under the title 
    "Herald Kyiv National University  of Trade and Economics"

    To October 2000 had been published under the title 
    "Herald  Kyiv State University  of Trade and Economics"


    The journal publishes research results:
    The issues of macroeconomic theory and economic reform in Ukraine; improving the efficiency of business in different sectors; management and marketing in trade, hospitality and tourism; accounting, financial analysis and control; development of the stock, insurance and banking markets; formation of range of products and improvement of their quality

  • Foreign trade: Economics, Finance, Law

    the journal publishes the results of research on economic and legal problems of the development of the world economy, its impact on globalization processes in the world, the international division
    of labor and international economic relations: 
    scientific and technical cooperation, currency and financial operations, migration of labor force; 
    the influence of foreign trade on the development of national economies
  • Commodities and markets

    Dealing with the issues in the theory and practice of commodity science, 
    new technologies, hotel and restaurant business, marketing, merchandising, logistics, quality and safety of goods (services), standardization, metrology, certification and quality control, consumer protection